Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What I bought on my summer vacation

The best part about traveling is going shopping. This is what I bought in Peru and Colombia this past summer. 

1. Colombia - As you can see it was mostly food products. All of it was divided between two suitcases. 

Supermarket sweep! Lots of shopping in about an hour!

I love juices so I bought a special pitcher that mixes the pulp so it all doesn't sit at the bottom.

Anything related to coffee

Beverages - lots of coffee, hot chocolate, and tea

Arequipe and obleas - great combination

Cookies and crackers


This is all related to bocadillo / fruit paste


So, everytime I go to an airport in Latin America, I buy this candy. Note the difference between Colombia and Peru. I think we have 11 bags of them between what I bought in Peru and what my husband bought in Colombia.
2. Peru - Here I had a bit more time to go shopping in Peru. I really tried to buy unique things there.

Bought some more textiles. My favorite purchase - the alpaca blanket which I know will come in handy this winter. 

I bought a little Torito (which brings good luck- they are everywhere in Peru), the Incan sun, and a really cool mask. 

Here are some little knickknacks I bought in the tourist shops. 

Lots of books! Although I'm not sure when I'll have the time to read them. 

This will remind me of the Andean woman weavers we met.

In Colombia, as you can tell, I only did food shopping. I had to make sure my husband and I had enough food to last us until our next trip. Since I know I am going to go to Colombia again, I didn't have the pressure to buy lots of souvenirs whereas in Peru I did. I'm very happy with all my purchases especially the ones from Peru because I hope to use them in class as decoration and as a resource. 

After a busy summer traveling, it's time to get back to work, but I return with great resources and lots of stories that I hope my students will appreciate.