Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Uggs for Uruguay

Okay, so I started to write this post before my trip, but then I got so caught up in everything that I never got to finish it. I was crazy not only trying to tie up loose ends with wedding stuff, but actually trying to buy gifts for my host/host school and shopping for whatever I needed for this trip.

The reason for the name of this post is because we were told prior to the trip that Uruguay is very cold in July. The seasons are opposite of what they are in Massachusetts. In the Northern Hemisphere, it's summer, and in the Southern Hemisphere, it's winter. I looked at the weather forecast and thought it's not that bad compared to a New England winter. I can handle 55 degrees during the day, 32 at night. Plus, there is no snow - how bad can it be?!?

Well, the main difference is the heating systems. I think of my classroom in the winter, and it blasts so much hot air to the point where I am opening windows in the dead of winter to get some fresh air. Supposedly, there is no heating in the schools in Uruguay. I was nervous that if what they said was true, then I might not be adequately prepared. Normally, I wear snow boots to school, and then change because I have to wear professional shoes for my job. In Uruguay, the teachers in public schools at least dress more casually because of the lack of heating. They need to bundle up and wear boots.

I have never in my life owned Uggs. I didn't want to be like everyone else or look like I was trying too hard to be a teenager. Since it is summer in Boston, it's next to impossible to find boots. Unfortunately, I didn't have many to begin with. So, I broke down and ordered a pair of Uggs online. Plus, I knew they were warm, and there was a good chance they were going to fit.

Yesterday, I finally wore them walking around the city, and boy was I glad to have them especially when the sun began to set and it got cold.


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  2. Entonces, hace frío en las escuelas? Imagino que los Uggs sean las botas perfectas!

    Disfruta con tu viaje!!