Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Do you know wedding vocabulary in Spanish? I should, I'm getting married soon!!

I am getting married in two months to a Colombian, and to be honest, I have had difficulties explaining the nuances of American weddings to him and his family.

For example, the word groomsman. Traditionally, in Colombia, the "madrina" and "padrino" were the ones to stand by side the bride and groom as witnesses. So, when it came time to ask his brother to be a groomsman, we had to invent a word to explain what his role would be. I think we said "hombres de honor".

Well, wonder no longer! My amazing department head bought me this book for wedding planning in Spanish. Not only is it practical for me in terms of planning and speaking in Spanish, but I think it would a fun lesson for Spanish class! My brain is already going crazy! I'm so grateful for this book.

After reading it, I promise to post about the new things I learned.

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